Delete git branch from local and remote

Github provides different options to delete unwanted branches on your git terminal or from remote github repository.

Delete a branch from your local git terminal.

Use a simple --delete option to delete a branch from your local git.

git branch --delete <branch_name>

This will not delete a branch if you have a commit or any work in progress. To delete it forcefully, use -D with the branch name.

Datatable Search Filter

Datatable is a jQuery plugin which provides a great interface when it comes to display a table with quite a large number of rows. It helps in paging, sorting and several functionalities with only installing a simple plugin in our application. This page is to know how searching for a string can be done using datatable search filter.

Consider the datatable below -

How to install ImageMagick and Imagick on Ubuntu or Debian.

ImageMagick is a popular tool used for creating and modifying images. Check below to know how ImageMagick and Imagick on Ubuntu is installed and configured.

Install ImageMagick

Use a simple apt-get to install this as it is already included in the base repository.

sudo apt-get install imagemagick

Install Imagick

Use apt-get to install imagick -

Create free website using Github

GitHub provides a very good platform to keep our repositories, modify and control them in an organised way. It also enables us to create free website of our own with a domain "".

All you need is an HTML template which can be downloaded for free based on your requirement(blog, wedding website, etc) or a code which is capable of displaying a webpage.