Install ImageMagick and Imagick on Windows Server.

Imagick is a PHP extension which makes use of ImageMagick library and is used to create and modify images in our application. This article is to know how Imagick on windows server is installed and configured. 

Install ImageMagick

  • Installing ImageMagick was simple on windows. Just Download it using the correct description under Windows section.
  • Unzip and install using the UI provided by clicking .exe file.

Install Imagick

As a first step, know the configuration of your PHP so that you download exact zip files for ImageMagick and Imagick from websites. To know this, either execute phpinfo(); from your application or type this into the terminal.

php -i > myphpinfo.txt

The above command outputs your PHP configuration to a text file myphpinfo.txt file. Either open this file or check the output of phpinfo(); statement on your browser.

Check PHP version, Thread Safety and Architecture configuration and download Imagick using the following steps -

  • Click on the latest stable version from the URL. Eg 3.4.3.
  • Determine the correct zip file using the above three parameters(php version, thread safety and architecture). Normally, name of the zip archive is in the format -
  • Extract the archive and copy the .dll file to the ext directory of your PHP folder and rename it to php_imagick.dll.
  • Add the below line to your php.ini file. 
  • Check the phpinfo output again and see if the imagick section appears as below.

imagick config

  • Note that supported format section should not be empty. If it is - Download (search ImageMagick and click on the correct zip based on your architecture) and copy all the files from extracted ImageMagick/bin directory matching the name CORE_RL_ and IM_MOD_RL_ to the root directory of your PHP folder(place where your php.exe resides)