Bobby XD-Design Anti-theft laptop backpack Review

After looking at various options for a backpack and searching for around 10-15 days, I finally settled down with purchasing Bobby XD-Design anti-theft which includes some good features and stylish design making it the best bag for my usage.

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5 Best Laptops to buy under 30,000 in 2019

Laptops have now become an essential need of an individual just like a smartphone. Even if you are not from a technical background, laptops can now be used to keep your data organized, play games and get entertained on the various web series providing platforms like Netflix or Amazon prime. This page helps in listing 5 best laptops which are high in specs, great price for money and is good enough for daily usage.

5 free Macbook Pro Apps(must-have) for Web software developer

Being a developer, there are plenty of applications I've tried on my macbook pro before moving on to the stable apps which is comfortable and tick all the boxes of its basic functionalities. Most of the work is done by the built-in apps such as terminal, Console log, etc. Below is the list of 5 free Macbook Pro Apps which is used daily to complete the task lists.

The most popular FTP solution available to connect and modify files on the server.

10 Best Classy & Professional Laptop backpack 2019

Choosing a professional laptop backpack should be a wise decision as it is something which might be used daily and hence getting the right product is very important. This page helps in listing 10 such professional laptop backpack which is minimal yet classy in looks, great price for money and is convenient for daily usage.

How to host your site for free using Hostinger

Hostinger is a website which provides a very good platform to register your domain and host your site. If you already have a domain, it also lets you link your existing domain to the website hosted on it. There are a couple of hosting plans which are displayed on the front page for you to choose as per your requirements. But if you're looking for completely free hosting of your website, it can be done using 000webhost which is powered by the same company.